It was a Privilege

October 1, 2020 - It is with great sadness that I tell you that Dave Clark, after an over 2 year battle with liver cancer, passed away quietly at his home on October 1st. Our thoughts go out to his family during this trying time. 

Dave was a friend and musical partner for 9 years. The relationship, the music we created, and the performances, for me, and I think for him as well, were nothing short of magical. 

With everything going on the past 2 years, he kept a phenomenally positive attitude. We were able to perform, collaborate on a CD, and he was able to record and complete 14 of his own songs, just a few days ago. 

Dave meant so much to so many. He loved it all: his wife, family, friends, his music, his community and the lighting advertising business he owned. He encouraged everyone he met, and everyone was better for having Dave around. 

Thankfully we recently began recording our concerts and they remain available on Facebook for everyone to enjoy, at any time.

Thank you for being fans, listening to our music, and supporting us throughout these past nine years.

Update: On June 4, 2021 a video tribute of Dave Clark was debuted. For those of you who were unable to attend, you can view the video on YouTube at: 

Rob Oxford

CDs of Oxford and Clark still Available!

The CD from Oxford & Clark: "Country Roots with Steve Hennig", is still available! You can find the music in all your favorite distribution channels and you can download individual tracks or the entire CD